#1 DAXll – O divino comédia IT40 Brazil NMV’s Week #2


Thanks for Voting last week We are Happy with the New Rank Order if not Vote this Week! Thanks Again!


New #1 DAXll – O divino comédia Week 2

#1 Kalifesto – VAMO Week 1

I personally want to Thank you once again for being here and reading this. InternetTop40.com is a social media post ranking website, currently we are concentrating on seeing, hearing and ranking music videos. We are highlighting and bringing you some of the best NMV’s (new music Videos) and artists online from around the world. We organize our NMV’s by language or country. There are no sign ups at this time. Anyone can come to the website and Vote. Click the Thumbs up or Thumbs Down next to your favorite NMV and refresh the page. Your votes actually move the videos up and down in the rankings. In the very near future, we will be awarding prizes to the Top vote getters for now those prizes consist of the social credit our artists receive just from getting votes and having their videos move up or down in the rankings by the Rank Vote of our readers. If you are having trouble with the site or your votes arent getting counted, you have other ideas Please email David Russell ASAP! [email protected]

Further I would like to state for the record that at InternetTop40.com we believe secret ballots or voting in secret is an easily corruptible method of voting and it makes you a slave, the secret makes you a slave.We can talk about how voting in secret makes you a slave more in the future in the meantime just think about that statement for a minute “Voting in secret makes you a slave”….

One of InternetTop40.com’s main goals is to become the website where the world or anyone in a group or individually can come to resolve any issue by rank vote. In other words, anything that can be written down or put into a video online and that others can read or watch and understand could be an issue. InternetTop40.com may then allow some online discussion about the issue but mainly to then put that issue to a vote. A rank by vote to your group or the entire world. In the case of one issue the rank would either be yes or no, 1 or 2 and the most votes wins, but we can find out how each and every one voted. At InternetTop40.com or “IT40” we want to pay you to vote. IT40 doesn’t care how you vote just that you do Vote, not voting is the real problem.

InternetTop40.com has software that counts all the votes and will even show you down to the street address and/or device id how each user voted. This is called the “MLVVR or Map ledger Voter Verification Record”. And once the voting is concluded anyone can log on and download the “MLVVR’ for their group city country or the world. And since it would be very hard for anyone person to know and verify all the votes. You can at least verify your own vote and how the other members of your group or neighbors voted by looking at the map ledger voter verification record. You could then see how other members of your group or neighborhood voted you might even want to call some of them or possibly Thank, them in person, or so you could pay them to vote for you next time. In the case of larger areas “IT40” will have designated “Neighborhood Monitors” or people you can call to verify more votes in other cities or neighborhoods if you needed to. But InternetTop40.com can and will take care of all those details for you. No more secret ballots it makes you a slave.

So, there you have it, InternetTop40.com is ready to lift the veil of secrecy and burden of slavery from you and to open your eyes to all the possibilities true freedom and the real world has to offer you. InternetTop40.com the internet ranking authority, IT40 says, it pays to vote and to care……

This Weeks Top 40 show

#1 DAXll – O divino comédia (videoclipe oficial)

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