#1 Sagamore Spirit: Newgrass, Get a Sip of the Rye IT40 Country MV MV’s Week #48


#1 Sagamore Spirit: Newgrass, Get a Sip of the Rye This week #48’s New #1

Congratulations to Week #47 #1  Thyra – Let’s Make it Last from Sweden Thyra their “English” New Country #1 Music Video Thyra – Let’s Make it Last

IT40 Country MV MV’s Week #48 I’ve said it before this is the best week ever, and I mean it. You can’t say no it’s not or call me crazy until you listen to everyone of this weeks MV’s. Furthermore, I will say the second half of our chart is better than the first. Well How is that possible you ask. You start the video line up based on youtube views right? Yes we do start our lineup based on youtube views and some are out of order but you know what we say about view counts they can be faked according to youtube themselves.

So your only chance is to click the Thumbs up next to your favorite video at this point you can even give a Thumbs Down to every other video. You should be damn glad you still can, affect the rankings because if you don’t express your views somewhere soon enough the man is just going to start telling you what to do, where to go and what to listen to.

So Thumbs up to all your Favorites. Please pay special attention the the bottom say from The Lloyd Carter Band who came onto the charts at #15 to Sagamore Spirit: Newgrass, Get a sip of the Rye who came onto the charts at #23 yes it’s true a distillery with a Bluegrass Rap Band called Newgrass I love it. the music that is the Rye you will have to use your own discretion with that but I hear its rather potent.

Needless to say and I already said this above, the second half of this weeks chart is better than the first half. So Please Help these artists and figure out What The Thumbs up or down, can do, and re-arrange this weeks chart properly according to what you like. I Thank you and the artists Thank you Ttyl

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