#1 Rock Hearts – ‘Don’t Let Smokey Mountain Smoke Get In Your Eyes’ IT40 Country NMV’s for Week #43


IT40 Country NMV’s for Week #43 is here now. Just a reminder starting week #44 we will premiere our weekly Pop & Rap voter Charts for India. Now back to this week we stopped new sign ups because it slowed the site down too much and just wasn’t worth the loss of upload speed. We will open the sign ups early next year when IVAMP.org’s new website goes online. Now back to this weeks country charts we will open the voting up to anyone who wants to vote and it will affect the rankings. One strategy to vote is to open the list scroll to #40 and watch them from #40 through #1, however if you upvote for a song at #40 and then you upvote for a song at #30 the song at #30 will still be ranked ahead of #40 even though they both got 1 vote and you voted for #40 1st. So if you really want #40 to be #1 in that case you will need another vote. Another strategy is to preview all the videos and then only vote for the one you like the most or ust Vote for your favorite no matter what. Any strategy you use is good and if you have a voting or ranking strategy. We would love to hear it, so please comment or email Avi at [email protected]

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