#1 Cale Moon – George Strait, Chris LeDoux (kinda day) IT40 Country NMV’s for Week #45


IT40 Country NMV’s for Week #45. Yes we are coming into the home stretch the “presidential election” should be over and we have a country Christmas song a rendition of the little Drummer Boy. But let me remind you the Voting here at InternetTop40.com never ends. Plus the fact you have to care to Vote, you have to have friends and fans to get votes. So give our nmv’s a thumbs up if you like it a thumbs down if you don’t hit the refresh. We are working on a cache the page button anyone can use, but we will probably leave that at a couple times a day admin access only type button.

Now another reminder coming in the new year all of our “English” speaking chart toppers will receive a promo package that will be worth thousands of dollars and maybe a few other goodies thrown in. So you get what you give a little more hard work a lot more praise and votes. But let me tell you this, it will definitely be worth it if you strive to become #1 #2 or #3  on any of our charts that is awesome . Hell if you can even make it onto the IT40 NMV list your doing better than 99%. So Please Keep up all the hard work and have fun doing it. Thank you ttyl

#1 Cale Moon – George Strait, Chris LeDoux (kinda day) OFFICIAL VIDEO

  1. Such a beautiful young man. Full of love for his profession, family, and fans. He has worked very hard to get where he is in his music career. Cale is a man of God. Keep going dear friend.

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