#1 Ramon Cedillo – Tryin Still IT40 Country NMV’s for Week #46


This Weeks New #1 Drum Roll Please…………

#1 Ramon Cedillo – Tryin Still  Congratulations to Our New IT40 Country Week #46 NMV Artist  Ramon Cedillo “The Country Boy” Yee Ha….


IT40 Country NMV’s for Week #46 a very good week in the country. I must say having no president is better than having one. Trump did prove 1 thing at least with the longest government shut down during his tenure certainly proved we can get along without a president or with a federal government for that matter. Plus the fact you have to break something real good in order to fix it. Oh is that what they’re calling it, protests and flu viruses funded by oligarchs and political parties? I’d say that’s just F#%ed up.  Now when I say that I don’t mean no army or no organizations to represent our interests abroad or keep all the so called essential services running. What I mean is we do not need elected officials especially at the federal level. They are the most corrupt and the least needed yet jobs in the world yet they seem to have more control and influence than ever before, thanks to the media and we let them. All the media seems to be able to do is stir up trouble cause fear and spread disinformation and turn us against each other and the media thinks they are actually helping, Good job media. Now thanks to todays technology it is easier than ever for anyone person or any group to represent their own interests either here at home or anywhere in the world today for that matter. The writing is on the wall yet these people have and will stoop to anything to keep a hold of these “corrupted” positions within our society. Okay enough of my ranting on to this weeks chart.

IT40 Country NMV’s for Week #46 some new, interesting and usual suspects at the top of our chart but that is based on youtube pageviews and you know what we say about pageviews? Now a little further on in our charts you will find an artist named Pinkoo Leivon and Ramon Cedillo. Please do me a favor and check out these two nmv’s and listen to the music hear the vocals then check out the video see who is singing but keep an open mind it may just get blown.

Now even further on up or down our chart there is another artist a country music band from the land down under entitled the Hinterland Band. Get it the land down under, Hinterland? Okay well just look and listen then give them a thumbs up or down you be the judge.

That’s all for now don’t forget if your from india speak hindi or just know someone from india or happen to not understand any words anyone raps or sings in any song anyway but you like the music. The pop and Rap India weekly charts are getting almost double the views. Our pop and rap Russia weekly charts debut in 2 weeks on Week #48 Thank you ttyl

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