#1 Thyra – Let’s Make it Last IT40 Country NMV’s for Week #47


This Week 47 #1 Thyra – Let’s Make it Last from Sweden Thyra their “English” Country New #1

Week 46 #1 Ramon Cedillo – Tryin Still  Congratulations to Our New IT40 Country Week #46 NMV Artist  Ramon Cedillo “The Country Boy” Yee Ha….

IT40 Country NMV’s for Week #47 Some awesome new stuff this week, I really liked “Bailey Callahan – State of Mind” and a cover of Merle Haggard from Tucker Blythe Live at the Lake – Sing Me Back Home” sounding very good. I would surely like to know what lake that is or maybe we will  have to invite him down to the river.

Needless to say give your favorites a thumbs up or down. We have changed up the look of the voting now it is right next to each video. The way our site works is you can upvote the post itself and you can upvote or downvote each video within that weeks post. The main idea is to upvote your favorite nmv for that week. If you want to see the posts that have had the most votes it would be within that category. Within each category you can filter the “Latest”, the “Most Viewed” and the “Most Upvoted” and that filters the individual posts, but not the songs themselves within each posting.

If you do have any questions about how our website works email Avi at [email protected] Thank you ttyl

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