#1 Kinky Friedman – “The Bridge That Wouldn’t Burn” IT40 Country NMV’s Week #52



New #1 Kinky Friedman – “The Bridge That Wouldn’t Burn” Week #52

#1 PandaPawFilms – Unofficial music video | Nothin’ But The Taillights – Clint Black Week #51

Who Will be the New #1 for Week #52?


InternetTop40.com wants to be the website where anyone can come to resolve issues by voting on them. IT40 is currently ranking music videos. Your Thumbs up or Thumbs down gives points or takes them away and moves the video up or down in the rankings. Anyone can “Vote” or click the Thumbs we clear our main cache daily and at the end of each day if anyone “Voted” the NMV’s (New Music Videos) will have a new ranking. At the end of each week we close the voting and see who is the “New #1” for that week. Thank you and Good Luck

Here is Week 52’s Country NMV’s

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