#1 Kao Denero – BE HONEST IT40 Nigeria NMV’s Week #52



New #1 Kao Denero – BE HONEST Week #52

#1 Flavour – Looking Nyash  Week #51

Who will be the New #1 in Week #52?

Good Lord it’s True, The songs or raps are so much better if you can do it with emotion I have to agree with you, its so much more powerful if you can get that emotion out in anyway you can in the MV or Song or Anything…. OMG…. What?

Salam Alaikun, Mazel Tov, B’karov etzlech, yes indeedy, Achoo IT40 Nigeria NMV’s Week #52 We are onto your tricks Alphabet inc. but it….

may be a winning strategy at least if you want to get onto the Alternative Reality “Pop Chart” this week. Now let me ask you do you prefer Chart or list or are they the same? Now as for you oh great Alpha-bet I do have a question for you, that is if you search music videos on 1 day and most of the nmv’s on this weeks chart are not on it, then why do they suddenly pop up 7 days later with millions of views? HMM HMM What say you…. Ill tell you it’s a strategy for you to see what “they” want you to see. Now we say that’s not so bad because all of these nmv’s are great, but so is every other one on this chart and all the others so why, why oh Great Alpha-bet do they not appear when we search? It seems like a glich it seems like a strategy it seems like corruption in the algorithm or maybe you should just tell us why…….

Ok enough of my ranting that’s why InternetTop40.com is here. We give you an alternative to Alphabet we open up the internet to you we give you a new method to promote yourself we give you a way to create your own category and  tell all the 4 F’s in your life about it. Remember the 4 F’s Family Friends Fans and Followers you need them all to know the facts as they are the Truth as you know it. SO come and get it. Salam Alaikum, Mazel Tov, B’karov etzlech, yes indeedy, Achoo.

Oh yeah, this weeks chart is so hot I can’t touch it but you can look and listen and give them the Thumbs Up and by doing that 1 thing you are on the path of creating your destiny…….Or you could check the Reality Version of our Nigeria NMV Chart. BTW if your interested in curating a chart Please don’t hesitate to email David Russell [email protected]

Thank you Ttyl

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