#1 Nowosad/Silva/Stephenson/Wallace/Birckhead – Afrobeat Covers #2 – This Christmas by Donny Hathaway IT40 Nigeria NMV’s Week #1



New #1 Nowosad/Silva/Stephenson/Wallace/Birckhead – Afrobeat Covers #2 – This Christmas by Donny Hathaway  Week 1

#1 Kao Denero – BE HONEST Week #52

Who will be the New #1 This week #53 or in Week #54 or Week #1????

Internettop40.com aka IT40 is the alternative to promote yourself your music and your cause. We congratulate you because you are here now. Whether you are a producer promoter fan or follower IT40 congratulates you. Now that you are here please keep reading so you understand a little about what Internettop40.com is about.

InternetTop40.com is a Social Media Post Ranking website. You Vote and that action gives or takes points from the items on our charts. To give or take points you simply click the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down next to each item, Video or post on any of our charts and that is what Gives or Takes points. Your Vote which we count as points will move the item, video or post up or down on our charts. You vote and then refresh the page if you like and then when IT40 clears the cache of the webpage the votes get counted and the NMV’s in this case (NMV=New Music Video) move into the New Rank order. InternetTop40.com Clears our main cache at least 4 times a day IT40 calls what we do Rank by Vote.

Anyone can vote on any chart. At this time there are no sign ups and no accounts. We will be adding all of that in the very near future. You will be able to use InternetTop40.com just like any other social media website but the main difference is you will be able to promote yourself your music or your cause much more easily. You will be able to find out what your Family Friends Fans and Followers really like with our Rank by Vote feature not too mention Social Credit more about that in the near future.

One final note coming in the new year IT40 will start to promote all of our #1’s on social media with promotional packages as prizes these will be included for free just for you to get all your family friends fans and followers to vote. We will discuss exactly what the promo packages will include when the time comes but it will be big. One other thing worth mentioning a new website is coming IVAMP.org (International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography) IVAMP.org will be similar to IT40 but we will be ranking any and all social media postings discussing them online and setting standards for online content and what is acceptable all around the world and to you and your group. Now Please enjoy this weeks Nigerian NMV Chart and don’t forget your votes count Give them all a Thumbs Up Thank you Ttyl

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