#1 BLACKPINK, Cardi B – Bet You Wanna IT40 Pop for Week #41

OH Damn I clicked the wrong button and lost all my great advice so lets see if I can remember. This is the pop chart not the Rap chart. Songs with Singing and rapping do better on the pop charts. So the point is if your rap is wack add some singing or use more effects and harmonize a verse or two. Finally this is the last time we are including Zara Larsson’s WOW I mean she’s hot and all and the song is popping but give us something new. Sometimes it takes several attempts at getting a #1 and changing the video can work. IT40 will let that slide 3 times or upload it to us directly. That’s my advice for the week now back to Week #41 the big top 3 in this list are hard to beat but you know what IT40 says…. Anyone can buy pageviews but you must have followers to Vote for your nmv. So get the word out and tell them to vote and of course you can vote for yourself. Good Luck in Week #41 and Thank you

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#1 Dua Lipa – Levitating Ft. DaBaby IT40 Rap NMV’s for Week #41


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