#1 Mere Khuda -| Youth Alive Hyderabad IT40 Pop Hindi MV MV’s Week #48



#1 Mere Khuda – Youth Alive Hyderabad Week #48

Week #47  #1 Darshan Raval & Heli Daruwala – Main Kisi Aur Ka

IT40 Pop Hindi MV MV’s Week #48, there are 6 MV’s in this weeks Pop Hindi Chart that are crossover Hits on this weeks Rap Hindi Chart. See if you can figure that out and name all 6 crossover artists in the comments. In case you were interested, coming in the new year we will be adding back “Points or Social Credit Points” to our website. What that means is you will receive points for doing things on the website. You will also be able to receive points for doing things in the real world. You must have a mobile device registeredand with you at all times to qualify for points.

Now about this weeks chart as we said there are  6 crossovers and all we can say is look out for Fit Babu & Talaash. So Good Luck and enjoy the chart and always give a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Remember the Four F’s to become #1, Family, Friends Fans and Followers. Now those words start with F in the English language maybe someone can tell us how they sound in Hindi? Thank you Ttyl

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