#1 Zopke – Believe ft. Marcellus Love IT40 Pop MV MV’s Week #48



#1 Zopke – Believe ft. Marcellus Love  Week #48

#1 Timmy Trumpet & Gabry Ponte – Mad World    Week #47

BTW: I David Russell aka Top40, do Vote on most of the Charts. Please Don’t let me be the deciding Factor, Do IT40 for yourself Remember the 4 F’s of Becoming #1, Family, Friends, Fans & Followers….

IT40 Pop MV MV’s Week #48 a couple of notes we are going with MV MV’s instead of NMV’s even though these are all mostly new music videos. These MV’s are also the most viewed music videos in the U.S. of A. or we could say in the english speaking world. Of course we can break down all the pageviews by geographic region if we want to. But our charts are designed around you the Language then the geographic area where the MV’s are popular, among other things.

InternetTop40.com is designed to be a “competitor” to Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the added benefit of social credit. We tried social credit in the past whereby you get points for doing things on the website. However due to code and caching problems we stopped it temporarily but will be adding that back in the very near future and the things you can get social credit for will extend beyond just the website and into society itself which you will have to have a registered mobile device to qualify for.

Now for this weeks chart pay particular attention to #10 – #40 they are all excellent MV MV’s vote on them all. You might think of IT40 as exclusionary but that is not the case and only for the time being. 40 is only a number to start with. In the very near future you will be able to create your own Top40 Chart and you can become #1 on that chart. In the meantime. We want to make clear there are 4 F’s to becoming #1 Family, Friends, Fans and Followers. You can be all of them and have all of them to yourself, if you so desire. You just have to, in the words of an immortal poet. “Express Yourself” You express yourself by doing things to get social cred, voting online and generally creating fun things you do and as we say “Content” Thumbs up or Thumbs Down, Do IT40, and “Express Yourself” Thank you ttyl

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