IT40 Pop NMV’s for Week #39



Week 39’s IT40 NMVs have been so Hot! I can barely breathe. Now this is a final reminder starting next week #40, providing we are ready, you will be able to vote on your favorites and the voting will move each entry up or down in the rankings and believe me when I say “Rankings” are the only thing that matters. We will start our lists at #1 thru #40 in order of most viewed on youtube so if your on any of our IT40 lists, make sure to vote for yourself and tell all your friends to vote as well. Keep in mind its all for PR and any PR is Good PR. Especially when it comes from Now in the weeks and years to come Who knows we may give a recording contract to our #1’s or perhaps some big cash prize I’ll have to think about that. If you have any ideas let me know “Avi Russell” email me at [email protected]

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Spanish MV MV’s IT40 top 10 for Week #39

#1 Chris Moreno – Used to this IT40’s Country NMV’s for Week #40