#1 Elena – I Don’t Wanna Hear it IT40 Pop NMV’s for Week #44


Pop goes the music Week #44 on IT40 Justin has been a busy beiber this week with 3 NMV’s on the chart and I want to point out a couple of my personal Favs from this week’s chart and they are Labarinth, Paloma Faith, Icona Pop and Elena respectively. You can find them on our chart and you can give any of them the Thumbs up or down and move them into the position you think they should be in.  Please remember to always refresh the page after you Vote and once we clear our main Cache the NMV’s will all move into place according to all the votes or Thumbs and we do that at least once a day. Another reminder if your interested coming out later today our Pop India NMV’ Chart and you can vote on that one too.

And one last thing that Beef I have with Google and Youtube I talked about on IT40 Rap NMV’s for Week #44 oh it’s still on but the Glitch I talked about when you search on youtube and use the Filters. That looks like it has been fixed at least for the pop music video charts. I guess they just don’t want IT40 putting all their million fake bought and paid for pageview Rap artists up against anyone else on our IT40 Rap NMV Charts that means you. The main point I want you to take away from this, Is that Google and youtube have so much control they can change anything you see online to anything else they want you to see at the click of a keyboard or switch. How sweet of them to do that. Soon you won’t have to think about anything, you won’t have to make any choices. it will be like spoon feeding a baby it’s pablum. How thoughtful of Google. Seriously though if you cant vote go out and protest against something you can actually change and get paid for.   Thank you Ttyl

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