#1 Robert Grace – Fake Fine Feat. Gnash IT40 Pop NMV’s for Week #45


Congrats Pop NMV Week 44 #1 Elena w I Don’t Wanna Hear it. Great New Song Great New Video we will be seeing more of her, I’m sure.

IT40 Pop NMV’s for Week #45. Some very interesting developments in this weeks chart. But first let me tell you we are going to have an informal survey here on IT40 asking you about music specifically should we include non-english speaking artists in our english speaking charts? if so how much english should they sing or rap? Another question we may ask would be should we include rap nmv’s on our Pop chart? These are also questions that IVAMP.org will be asking and answering. IVAMP.org will be a members only type organization and be setting online standards for Music and video production & promotion and so on. We could really use your help and input especially after the website comes out early next year. email Avi your input at [email protected]

Now about this weeks list the first few spots are basically rap nmv’s and youtube says they are getting millions of views. That may be true but are they any good? Do they have real fans and followers? If you like them give them the Thumbs up or down or basically listen to the rest of the pop chart and then tell us what you think. That will be a requirement if you want to get paid to vote, keeping an open mind is important but not a requirement. You like what you like you should tell people about that and Thumbs up the NMV’s you really like.

A couple more artists on the chart this week namely Ariana Grande, OMG! Her new song suggesting she wants babies and for you to “give it to her all night” the poor thing she almost sounds desperate. Well good luck Ariana and any of your potential sperm donors. Now about Justin Bieber out with a new version of an old song it actually even has some new video footage we give it the thumbs up. But sorry to ICE T releasing the exact same “old song with the exact same old video. Nice trip down memory lane Mr. T or I mean ICE-T but not on our chart this week. Finally debuting at #40 Robert Grace with Fake Fine ft. Gnash we definitely give this song a big thumbs up. What do you think? Thank you ttyl

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