#1 Ananya – Everybody’s Lost IT40 Pop NMV’s for Week #46


Last Weeks #1 Robert Grace – Fake Fine ft. Gnash Congratulations to our IT40 Pop Week #45 Winners Now go out and Buy the Single, Please.. Thank you

This weeks #1 Ananya – Everybody’s

IT40 Pop NMV’s for Week #46 this weeks chart is spectacular. We have all the top picks from “Youtube” and now it’s your job to find a new #1. Maybe you like the nmv that is already #1 but I’m sure some of the artists out there would disagree with that and at least give themselves the Thumbs up. But ranking music videos and finding the real #1 is exactly what InternetTop40.com is here to help you do, rank social media postings, find a new #1 or lots of #1’s and that of course includes NMV’s.

Now normally about this time I would bitch about all the fake view counts, but this week I am going to talk about becoming a connoisseur or critic if you will. Now this is the Pop “English” NMV chart, occasionally we have songs that crossover. When I say that I don’t mean a rap song that is hot on the Pop charts. When I say crossover in this case I mean a song with for example, Korean singing with some english verses or words and that song becomes popular on our English charts. That is a language crossover hit. Now of course there are Genre crossover hits as we just mentioned, but here at IT40 we organize all of our charts by language.

Anybody can learn any language and now we have almost instant translations. I have talked about this before some languages when spoken or sung just sound more melodic or more like part of the song. It could be said that not knowing the language makes it easier for you to critique the music of the song itself with even more objectivity.

IT40 is not here to teach you all the finer points of being a critic or analyzing the music or video itself. That job will go to a new and upcoming organization called IVAMP.org which stands for International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography which includes video. IVAMP.org which we are setting up now and their website will come out sometime next year. IVAMP.org will teach people how to be objective and help set standards for online music and photography among other things and if your interested in getting involved or becoming a member please send an email of interest to [email protected] address it to David Ellenberger.

Now about this weeks chart, here at InternetTop40.com aka IT40, we believe and know music can and will unite and help organize the world. On that note we would be remiss if we didn’t point out an nmv with uniting the world in mind, it’s from a group called “Now United – One Love” and Now United got some help from Rehab that’s rehab with a backwards E. The song has a definite pop sound with horns and the video is of a big dance production, Very Nice. Another notable nmv on this weeks chart is “Mauve – Right” it has an upbeat dance feel to it and I personally like it very much. Finally “Jaywon- Inside Life” its one of those crossover hits we talked about earlier. I don’t know exactly what language he is singing but there is enough english to make it a language crossover hit. Check out all these nmv’s and 37 more on this week’s chart and Please give them a Thumbs up or down because you are the ultimate authority and judge and have the only opinion that counts.

Finally we added the youtube pageview counts for each of the nmv’s on our chart this week taken from the time of uploading this post. Doing this brought us to the realization that the view count may only serve to subjectify your opinions of these nmv’s. In other words you may be more likely to say you like a song just because it has more pageviews, we don’t want that. So we may have to leave those numbers off our charts from now on. What do you think about pageviews? We would love to hear your opinions, so please feel free to leave a comment about this or any topic you care to speak about. Leave your comment under any nmv, or email Avi send it to him at [email protected] Thank you Ttyl

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