#1 Alexander Stewart – Compare Myself IT40 Pop NMVs Week #43


BTW anyone who cares next week #44 we will be premiering our Pop & Rap India NMV’s

So Week #43 Pop Voter Charts up now. I just have to say OMG week #43 the views have it all wrong. Okay here is a refresher course for you Internettop40.com aka IT40 is a social media post ranking website. Currently we are ranking NMV’s (new music Videos) in the very near future you will be able to create your own list for all your friends or anyone to vote on. You will be able to create your list by installing the browser extension or something and then clicking on the social media postings or videos and it will put them into your list automatically. In the meantime our ” Ranked by View Count” play all video lists are on our “Internettop40” youtube channel. But if you want to Vote on your favorites to help them promote their music or your own, then you are in the right place Internettop40.com

Now back to the list IMHO starting with #39 (at least for the time being) is Justin Beiber’s Perfect Truth nmv what happened #39 they must have forgot to pay for the extra the pageviews or is this some sinister strategy? Budding music producers take note. Well I’m sure it wont stay at #39 very long or maybe its just me my taste in music, do people like what I like or am I just a little off or well let’s say unique. Yes we are all unique it’s very true we may be all only 3% genetically different but believe me 3% of billions and billions of cells is a huge difference. But I digress now to say we like music for various reasons is true, mainly I personally like how a song makes me feel, memories the music and lyrics may evoke and the feeling that wells up inside you and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and just good. Now not every song does that some may make you feel like jumping up and dancing foot tappin fist pumping jams. Whatever you like we have it here in one of our lists or perhaps one of your lists if not start creating.

Lets face it with all the automation in todays world society and jobs or lack thereof everything is changing faster and faster. What are we humans to do? One thing that wont change is you, what your feeling what you like what you think. Oh yes you will evolve and grow and change over time but right here right now what you think is all that matters. But of course we cant know or make other people feel things we have no real control over that or do we. The answer is yes we can vote!

IMHO we should be voting on everything every issue every law every opinion and the majority rules and eventually with the internet as societies nervous system we will all come together and evolve, imagine that? But again I digress.

Back to this week’s list once again todays list I urge you to scroll through to #40 then listen and watch each video for a few seconds Give each video a Thumbs up or Thumbs down finally after you watch and listen to each one and thumb it, hit the refresh button. Once we clear our main IT40 cache the videos will move up and down in rank. You have a week to do this.

One last thing a couple weeks ago I said no mare Zara Larsson Wow, but she did it again anyway, reupload with a new title remixed audio or a new video its the same song. But there is enough of a difference we are going to give her 1 more chance to make it to #1 so Vote for her make Thumbs Up Zara Larsson to #1 on IT40 Pop NMV’s for Week #43 and maybe we can get her to create a completely new song.  We will talk about remakes animated videos and GCMV next week or perhaps someone would like to make a comment or email Avi at [email protected] One final last note Alfie Indra All my Friends is my pick for mellow pop of the week. Check it out.

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