#1 Damante – Altabar IT40 Pop NMV’s Week #7


We Know Elle Brightly’s Type it is being the New #1 and she received the most votes for #1 ever in the History of IT40 We expect Big Things from Elle Brightly check out her new smash Hit I Know Your Type


New #1 Damante – Altabar Week 7

#1 Elle Brightly – I Know Your Type Week 6

Please keep in mind I am speaking through an interpreter and do not know English language if you have an questions or suggestions Please email them to Ellenberger at [email protected]

Well it seems we are at an Impasse, I apparently don’t know how to get my point across to anyone or maybe it will simply take more time since this is the only marketing we can afford to do, this website InternetTop40.com. Please Read the Info about the formation of the organization “International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography” or IVAMP.org. It will be a citizen staffed regulatory agency. Mainly to regulate and set the standards for online content. We don’t have to call it IVAMP but it will be like a new form of A.I. or lets call it A.I.I All Inclusive Intelligence. We could call it whatever the majority likes. Please email your name suggestions for IVAMP.org let me know if you like it or you think it should be something else. Thank you Ttyl Proposal to We the People aka Society and Alphabet Inc. for IVAMP.org – InternetTop40.com

This Weeks Top 40 show

#1 Damante – Altabar 💦 (Video Oficial)

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