#1 ZINDAGI – MC AVI X Rajesh X Praney IT40 Rap Hindi Week #48

New #1 ZINDAGI – MC AVI X Rajesh X Praney

Conratulations to Last Week #47’s New #1 Tujihse Duur – Only Abhi


IT40 Rap Hindi Week #48 I am going to tell you what I keep telling everyone about how I create our IT40 Charts. I start off with the View Counts from youtube and I put them in order of most viewed. Now that is how we are doing it for the time being. Because as you know a video with a million views can sometimes be pretty awful so is that why it got a million views because its awful?. So until everybody knows it, View Counts can be fake and according to Google and youtube 90% of internet traffic is fake.  If you believe them you won’t care about giving the Thumbs Up to yourself and all the videos you like. Because anyone can buy extra pageviews. The catch is you have to have friends, fans and followers to get the Thumbs up from them. That is where the real power lies in your hands. You can even give all your competitors on the chart the Thumbs Down. So the power is in your hands use it before “The Man” decides to take it away.

Now in case you hadn’t noticed this weeks chart is the best yet. I still don’t understand a word anyone is saying at least in Hindi. But the quality of the videos the strength and emotion that in the raps is just on another level compared to those english speaking blokes, would you agree?

Okay here is this weeks chart watch and listen to all of them for your own good. BTW the #1 Viewed this week was #1 on the Last weeks Pop Hindi Charts those tricky SOB’s that’s a good strategy. But as you know those rankings can and do change. Thank you Ttyl

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