#1 By the Rebel Patil – Kisan Ka Ladka IT40 Rap India NMV’s for Week #44


Here it is IT40 Rap India NMV’s for Week #44 Now maybe we should call it Rap Hindi or Rap India the non english version. A couple of tips for your fans and Followers Click either the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down no more than1 time for each NMV whatever you do when you are finished voting refresh the page in your browser. That will lock the votes in. Then once we here at IT40 Clear our main cache the videos will be moved into the new positions. If you win or get to be #1 for the week At this time all you get is bragging rights and being able to say you are #1,2,3, or 4 and so on. Early next year the artists who get to be #1 by votes will receive a promotional package of some sort. If your interested have questions or comments send email to Avi at [email protected]

Our lists initially start out in order of most views according to youtube we keep that list on our youtube channel internettop40. But you know what IT40 say’s about pageviews, “anyone can buy extra pageviews but it takes an artist with real fans and followers to vote for them, So Please tell them to come and click the thumbs up under your NMV. you can be #1

Now my first impression of IT40 Rap India was very good. Not being able to understand a word anyone is saying makes me revert to critiquing the whole song musically. The words take on a more melodic quality and blend in even more with the rhythm and the melody of the music itself. In the near future we will talk even more about individual artists and talk to them about their music and various other topics whatever seems important for the day. Good Luck Thank you Ttyl

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