#1 24 Nate – “Glizzy Up” feat. G Herbo IT40 Rap MV MV’s Week #48


New #1 24 Nate – “Glizzy Up” feat. G Herbo Week #48

Congrats IT40 Rap Week #47 #1 Hilton Mob ft. Spider – Big Bags

IT40 Rap MV MV’s Week #48 once again I’m bitching about pageviews they don’t matter. Votes Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down matter Fans, Friends and Followers matter and that’s all that does.  Now I am going to say something I hope you have thought about if not then think about it and do some research, The Tower of Babel.

What in todays world represents the tower of Babel Hmm? Let me think okay, I’ll tell you the tower of babel is/was a story from ancient times about a “tower” that magically allowed everyone to understand everybody else no matter what language they spoke or something like that. Now in these ancient times “God” or something or someone decided to destroy the tower because all the humans were taking their good life full of excess and debauchery for granted, Sound familiar?

Now I will say if we could all speak the same language or understand each other no matter what language they spoke maybe we would all get along better, but it’s not that simple is it.

First of all You have to know and believe what the other person is saying, let’s call that trust. So if you don’t trust anyone it doesn’t matter what they say. If you believe what they say and you feel it you will trust them more. However feelings are not always real either, that’s what we call our human condition.

Now, what if the tower is telling lies you don’t trust them. So how can we solve this dilemma? Well having a tower helps, having a way for everyone to communicate easily helps something where everyone who wants to be heard can be heard. Hmmm that sounds good, a way for everyone to be able to be counted, Hmm how would that work???

Enough ranting, On to this weeks chart  just watch and listen to everyone on our IT40 Rap week #48 and give them the Thumbs up or Thumbs down its your new job and at this point PLEASE remember to refresh the page when your finished. Thank you Ttyl

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