IT40 Rap NMV’s for Week #39



Holy $#it Who is really #1??  another list that Justin Beiber is at #1 on our no vote list and youtubes number of views list at #1 with 30 million views, the next closest NMV comes in at 750 thousand a very distant 2nd place. Now I’m not saying that Justin Beiber and Chance the Rapper don’t have a Big Rep. and I’m not saying that this NMV “Holy” isn’t very well produced But what I am saying is that 30 million views in less than a week compared to the next most viewed video of 750 K is awfully fishy. The #1 video is not 40 times better than the #2 video. I am also not saying that it’s easy to get a million views on youtube especially if you can pay for Bot views. Because I don’t think any of our Top 40 artists are technical geniuses and build youtube view bots but they could pay for them. And FYI Youtube does count bot views.

So who are you going to believe your eyes and ears or some number? Well your going to believe both of them. But have you thought about a website where you “Vote” on your favorite. I can tell you it’s a lot harder to build a bot to fake a vote than it is to fake a view. So starting with Week #40 we are going to institute our UpVote DownVote policy and it wont cost you a thing except maybe some time and energy. You can upvote or downvote for all the videos in our list.. It may not register immediately but we will count your votes, you may have to refresh the page but it will definitly affect the Rank order of our weekly Top 40 list. So if your lucky and your NMV gets enough views from youtube to be on our list to begin with but you don’t like that your only #3 or #33 you can have another chance for your fans to show how much they like you and your NMV which should really be #1 and move it up on our TOP 40 list. So be prepared Voting will start next week and you can vote on your favorite NMV’s for a week and a new list every week after that. Then we will see who is really #1 Thank you Ttyl

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