#1 T.I. – Hypno ft. Rahky IT40 Rap NMV’s for Week #44


Ok it’s me “Top40” talking to you again and I got a beef with YouTube and Google. You may or may not know I am personally suing Alphabet Inc. in Federal Court for Fraud.  They have totally corrupted almost everything on the internet today. Now I don’t think they started out to corrupt everything but when you have almost complete control it is inevitable things start getting twisted especially when you have thousands and thousands of employees. So, I don’t completely blame the owners and stockholders but someone has to be responsible and fix this for everyone’s sake. Now let me ust explain a little bit the case I have against them is all about numbers. I am not going into the details but if you are really interested you can look it up on the Federal Court database it’s in N. California and the case #is 20-CV-04877-SVK so do it look it up. In the meantime, if you like living in a dreamworld and don’t care about facts Please stop reading and enjoy this week’s Charts and Please give the NMV’s a thumbs up or Down you be the judge.

Now doing this week’s NMV search I found something else that didn’t seem right. I already outlined my case against Alphabet inc. in my initial court filings and like I said it’s all about numbers and money. However, my real reason is because it is just wrong to use a computer to commit fraud and to do it with no oversight and ne one even really knows or thinks they can do anything about it. Well I am here to tell you; you can do something about it take screenshots of all your evidence and write everything down and store it on a secure drive or somewhere no one can get to it. Not to mention if you need help filing your lawsuit email Russ at [email protected]Because believe you me protests are nice and can get a lot of attention but most of the average citizens don’t like them and you really don’t have much of a chance of resolving the issue or getting paid. In fact, you will probably end up paying if you happen to get arrested.

Okay I’m getting to the point, now if you do a search on YouTube and you use the filters. I assume everyone knows what the filters are, the filters are another little hamburger that says Filter and you click on it and you then have filters. These filters will supposedly filter out videos by date uploaded or type or even the View Count of the videos. The view count is supposed to start with the most viewed video and then go down through all the videos with lesser view counts. Now if I haven’t made it clear how we find the NMV’s for our IT40 NMV Charts let me tell you and of course Google knows this because they keep track of every single keystroke you make and everything you do online especially if you are using their browser which is chrome. They also own android and know everything you do on it.

AT Internettop40.com we search YouTube usually we use the “This Week” Filter and then the “View Count” filter which should give us a list of for example we search for “Rap Music Videos” then click this week and view count filters, that should give us all the “Rap Music Videos uploaded this week listed from most viewed to least viewed and we would take the Top 40  English rapping videos and put them on our IT40 NMV Voter Charts. But what I found this week was if I search for Rap Music Videos then use the “This Week” filter it usually shows me the most viewed video first or what YouTube says is the most viewed video. The rest are usually videos listed in no particular order but they all have different view counts but a some of them are in the millions of views at least according to YouTube. The problem is when I then filter the Rap Music Videos for “This Week” and then Filter that same list by “View Count” almost all of the Rap Music Videos up in the millions drop out they are nowhere to be seen. So, what that tells me is they are all Fake View counts.  What do you think? Does what I’m saying even make any sense to you? Go ahead try it yourself. Take a search term like Rap Music Videos Click the “This week” filter look and see what videos pop up look at the view counts or take a screenshot. Then take that exact same list and filter it by clicking the “view count” filter and then see what Rap Music Videos are still there. Almost all the videos in the millions of view counts are gone. Am I crazy, seeing things? Am I lying about it or do you see what I’m saying? Do you even care? Does it really matter? Well, all I can say is, it matters to me and I care. I want to know the truth especially about numbers not what someone I’ve never met is telling me and doing it through a computer that makes it seem like that’s okay or really the truth. Because the fact is no it isn’t good it’s fraudulent and deceitful and they are doing it to take your attention and money for their own purposes. That is just the beginning of the fraud my friends and I can prove it all and so can you if you just look with an analytically objective mind. Alphabet Inc. AKA Google AKA YouTube is committing Fraud against all the content creators.

I’m Top 40 from InternetTop40.com you can email me anytime make a comment about this. Or comment on any music video. And one last Thing Please Vote. Give our IT40 NMV Chart Videos a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down you be the Judge. Because you know what we say about pageviews? They are nice but anyone can buy pageviews. Votes are where the real power is. So Don’t forget to Give yourself the Thumbs UP and ask all your friends to do the same thing. Thank you Ttyl

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