#1 Kevin Gates – Weeks IT40 Rap NMV’s for Week #45


IT40 Rap NMV’s for Week #45 all I can say is a week with 3 Busta Rhymes collaborations in the Top 40? You know what we say about NMV’s that don’t show up in the “View Count” filter they are Fake Views. And anyone can buy pageviews but you must have fans and followers to give your NMV the Thumbs up and all your competition the Thumbs Down. So Click it Hit it and Give it a Comment.

InternetTop40.com is a social media post ranking website. Right now we are concentrating on ranking music videos. BTW we are looking for someone to head up our Rap Department, if anyone is interested send Avi and email with your resume or letter of interest send it to [email protected] Because what IT40 can be and is a tool for you to use. We are a promotional publication, in other words we promote the internet. Some consider this a viral website, we like to think of ourselves as an independent standards organization bringing order to the chaos and monopolistic control of Alphabet inc. Aka Google Aka Youtube. So use internettop40.com for all your internet promotional needs. Email Russ or Avi if you have any suggestions about that, they would love to hear form you as well as would I, David “Top40” Ellenberger Thank you ttyl

Now onto this weeks list……

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