#1 Tom MacDonald – “NO LIVES MATTER” IT40 Rap NMV’s for Week #46


IT40 Rap NMV’s for Week #46 best week in rap ever. Seriously though I still have a very big problem with Alphabet inc. aka Google aka Youtube. Now I’ve bitched about this before and Im going to Bitch about it again. If you search for “rap music videos” or any category click the “This Week” filter you will get a bunch of rap music videos some with millions of views. Now if you do the exact same search “rap music videos” then click the “This Week” Filter and the “View Count” filter most of those videos with the millions of views drop off the list.

Now that tells me a couple of things the view count is fake and/or those nmv’s through youtube or google or whoever is in the video think they are too good to be on our IT40 Charts. Ok that’s fine but we put them on anyway, because we think we are a fair and open minded website. Now, I will tell you this we have 40 more nmv’s that are just as good or better than the videos with the “Fake View Counts” So enough of my constantly ranting. on to this weeks Chart.

The usual suspects in the Top 10, but can they stay there? All you have to do is Give yourself a Thumbs up and tell everybody and anybody you know that likes your music to give you the Thumbs up as well. Make sure they refresh the page before they leave so the vote gets counted. At this point you can even give all the other videos the Thumbs Down. Technically you can re-arrange the entire chart. But make sure you refresh it and your Thumbs got counted.

A couple of artists I just have to mention Moneytrain – Big Facts ft. Rich Dunk excellent rap even better video check it out, and another nmv that you might think sounds funny like your really high and it sounds all rhymey it is really Vietnamese but they added enough English rap for us to include it in this weeks chart and that is C-Roc, Thai VG and Voodoo with their version of Trap House. I love the music and OMG the House must stink like a skunk or at least those buds were huge taking up all that space! They must be smokin a lot of that Thai stick or whatever the kids are calling it these days, cause they sure look happy.

Finally on an upbeat note, does anyone know this Molly person, everyone is talking, I’d really like to meet her. LOL Thank you Ttyl

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