#1 Lauren Sanderson – 17 IT40 Rap NMV’s Week #3


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New #1 Lauren Sanderson – 17  Week 3

#1 Benn Weston – Country Is Week 2

FYI At IT40 we know how powerful and important words are. The word of the day, Magic was distorted over time into the word Music. So at IT40 we will start calling them Magic spells and the  Artists who cast them Magicians. that is what we will call them from now on, or whatever word is more appropriate at the time. The words are then…. “Magic Spells & Magicians.” in place of music or songs and musicians. Now just another reminder it is slow going but an organization made up of humans and coming soon to a device near you called IVAMP.org aka International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography, at IVAMP.org we have our own magic. IVAMP.org is virtual and has measured power and worldwide reach. Anyone will be able to share any social media posting to IVAMP.org for review by members of the academy which could be you if your a human. You and other designated members will decide usually by Rank Vote what is and what is not appropriate content online which of course will include magic or music and photography or alternate versions of reality which of course includes video. If this sounds interesting to you email your congressman and tell them you want IVAMP.org to cure the ills of society in other words we are taking back control of society and we will be in charge of our own lives our own world and social media or better yet email David Russell and cast your own spell on him. the email is [email protected]

BTW IT40 Rock NMV’s is the best genre of music “today” you simply must watch, hear and know these magic spells some of them actually have specific movements involved called dances. You simply Let the magic wash over you until you feel the power welling up inside you and boosting your oxytocin levels until your giddy inside, it is Awesome. Thank you Ttyl

This Weeks Top 40 show

#1 Lauren Sanderson – 17 (LIVE) Music Video

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