#1 ZeK NaB – MY WIFE WONT LET ME IT40 Rap NMV’s Week #4


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New  #1 ZeK NaB – MY WIFE WONT LET ME   Week 4

#1 Lauren Sanderson – 17  Week 3

The truth is we make our own reality our own future. If you are an NMV on our Charts and you ticked a Thumbs up for yourself and told the 4 F’s BTW the 4 F’s are in the English version of the words Family Friends Fans and Followers, tell them to give you a Thumbs up here on Internettop40.com

Hello my name is David Russell the creator of this website InternetTop40.com which we call “IT40” I am here today to ask for  your help. We need help finding NMV’s or New Music Videos from your country in your language, United States and any other country or language you may be familiar with. If you speak another language and English too that is a big plus because I can only speak English fluently but I’m learning.

However, if you know how to use a translator app like Google translate, we can communicate in any language while we learn the other languages. InternetTop40.com needs professionals who love music and care what “SAO” or socially acceptable online means to society and the entire online community.

I am a forward-thinking and acting human individual. As a human being, I like to have fun with an open mind but in real life situations we need order, ranking by vote and majority vote counting rules. As long as we can trust the voting and can check how everyone votes if we suspect something. There is always room for minorities but when it comes to internet safety and security that is of paramount concern and must be regulated and controlled by society and the people within it. So if you want to help and  this is of interest to you. Please email David Russell at [email protected]

This Weeks Top 40 show


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