#1 Faith In Lies – Burn Me [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] IT40 Rock NMV’s for Week #41

Here is an explanation of what we are doing at InternetTop40. Every week we will premiere the Top 40 NMv’s from each of our 4 main music Genre/categories. The original list on InternetTop40 and the playlist on youtube will include the weeks NMV’s generally listed in order of most viewed to least viewed. The featured images will start off with the most viewed artists then move to our Question Who Icon to finally be replaced with the image of our most voted for Artist. As we say here at IT40 anyone can buy pageviews but you have to have power and fans to get the votes. Now you as a fan artist or member of *IVAMP will be able to then upvote or downvote and critique music and videos on our IT40 list your votes will have real world affects on the outcome of our winners #1, #2 #3 and so on. So Good luck and let’s get the Vote out! Rock music for Week #41 this week is a really awesome selection of some new rock music videos. If they are newly released we call them NMVs so enjoy Please Vote. Soon we will be offering a promotional package to our #1 winners. For details email Avi Russell at [email protected]

*IVAMP is the International Virtual Academy of Music & Photography and will be adding memberships soon

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