#1 Skender Beck – Gone IT40 Rock NMV’s for Week #43


Another Glorious week of Rock & Roll Music videos to satisfy your lust for soul filling sights and sounds. This weeks list starts off with a new one from #1 Korn, Jinjer and Lilac in hot pursuit. Then #6 System of a down and #9 Alice Coper are both old songs with new videos. We are including videos or song remakes in our IT40 lists until further notice. Another song of note #34 Foster Lancast, and we have to ask is this Rock music?  Youtube thinks so? It sounds like real drums and keyboards and is that actual singing? you be the judge if you like him give him the Thumbs Up, if not then it’s Thumbs Down.

Finally to our watchers and listeners, starting next week #44 we will be premiering our Pop and Rap weekly voter Charts for India. I can hardly wait. Until then have a blessed all hallows eve. And Please remember what we say about pageviews those can be bought and so can you and your vote for the right price, but what is that price……? let me think about that for a minute. In the meantime voting is open to anyone who cares to and believe me you should. Especially when it comes to being #1. So Please You Think about that it’s easy Thumbs up or Down you decide. Thank you Ttyl

#2 Crazy Train – Liliac (Official Cover Music Video)

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