#1 Rock & Roll Queen – 20X IT40 Rock NMVs for Week #44


Yes Yes Yes, This Rock NMV category is growing so well. More and more NMV’s are coming into youtube and InternetTop40.com  every single day. It is almost to the point where I am going to ask all of you artists and producers out there to upload your video through the “InternetTop40” youtube link which I will provide somewhere on this website or on youtube because I still don’t have a vanity link it’s just some number so maybe you could subscribe to our channel as well just so we can keep youtube happy. I would much rather have you come to InternetTop40.com but that is just not as smooth a process. Now I am not a youtube expert and this will not give me any rights to your music, but it will give me a clue that you want to be on the IT40 NMV voter weekly charts. If not that’s okay its back to the most viewed “according to youtube” that will be first served on our IT40 weekly voter charts. There is an alternative you can email Avi at [email protected] and let him know about your NMV. At some point we are going to be asking our #1’s if they would be so kind as to provide IT40 with an interview or statement pics or videos something the fans would like to see that no one has seen or heard yet, Okay? Now on to some comments about this week’s Rock NMV’s but one last reminder PLEASE tick your Thumbs up or Thumbs Down for as many videos as you care to and “Refresh the page in your browser” when your done that way the votes will be counted once we clear our main cache or until further notice. And PLEASE make sure you sure you are on InternetTop40.com when you “Do IT40”

IT40 Rock NMVs for Week #44 Yelawolf is this Rock Music? Is this Rap Rock? Should we include it in our Rock NMVs weekly list? People seem to like it. You can comment below the video or email Avi. I Prevail’s new NMV filmed live. OMG that mosh pit brings back fond memories of the Zodiac Club which was right here in Louisville Ky. Those were the days. So I have to Thank I Prevail featuring Caleb Shomo That is a treat. Anderson .paak w Rick Ross a 2 month old NMV that’s kind of Rap Rock IDK how it got there just give them a Thumb either way it’s on the list for this week. Now a couple more notable items, who is Molly Karloff? Any relation to Boris?  And finally our IT40 Rap India NMVs for Week #44 it is “Hot” get your thumbs up or down in before next week, so we can find our new #1 Thank you ttyl

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