#1 Silence Speaks – Headhunter IT40 Rock NMV’s for Week #45


IT40 Rock NMV’s for Week #45 what can I say sometimes the most views does mean the song rocks. Sometimes you don’t like someone in the band or the singer. So you give the Thumbs up to your personal favorite. Sometimes you have the choice between the lesser of 2 evils like the presidential elections have been for my entire life. You pick the one that is less awful.

Now onto some of the notables in this weeks chart. Coming in with the most views in the first and third place Bring me the horizon, very good and need i say how much influence Linkin Park still has. Now when it comes to influence age counts Neil young has a song on the charts that is actually worse than the original. Judas Pries has a 10 year old song that finally has a decent video. Now that is a good marketing strategy but making a song that is way worse than the original seems like a loosing proposition to me.

Finally the Bone Crew is this Rock Techno Rap or Trap? Well I like it, we hope you do to. If your an old Rush or Yes Fan check out a Lyric Video from “Palace”  Please Give any or all of our artists a Thumbs Up or Down to your favorites, we do keep track of them and it does affect the NMV’s rankings on our charts. Our weekly India Pop & Rap charts are out now and starting with week #48 we will be premiering our IT40 Russia pop and rap weekly charts after that I think we might go with China or something like that Who knows, the world is our oyster. Thank you Ttyl

BTW Congrats to Week #44’s New #1 Rock & Roll Queen they are from one of those Baltic states like Russia. How did they even get on our Rock Charts? They aren’t even singing in English, are they? Well don’t be a hater if you are Good enough to get onto any of our lists and you actually have real fans you could become the next big thing or in this case #1 Plus the fact you should ALWAYS VOTE for YOURSELF! for GD’s sake you didn’t know that? Thumbs Up!

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