#1 ORBIT FLIGHT – Forks and Events IT40 Rock NMV’s for Week #46


Congratulations to our last weeks IT40 Rock Week #45 New #1’s Silence Speaks – “Headhunter” Silence Speaks from Las Vegas, NV. Watch the official music video for the band’s brand new single “Headhunter” featuring Skylar Enneper of Words From Aztecs exclusively on BVTV Music!

Now onto IT40 Rock NMV’s for Week #46 this weeks #1 Orbit Filght – Forks and Events

yes this is mainly for english singing rapping and speaking type artists. occasionally by accident or on purpose an artist gets onto our IT40 Charts and is not english speaking. Now there is no rule that says we cant do this or that, however if you think it’s some kind of violation Please feel free to email Avi to info@internettop40.com.

A couple more things i will say to bring this weeks chart into perspective I may have said this before but I was a the music director at the largest live music venue in the state of kentucky for over 20 years. I started out producing and promoting live music events. One I am most proud of was the first ever Gatewoodstock outside of Lexington KY. on a hill specifically cleared and made to host live music outdoor festivals, it was awesome, if you like partying out in the middle of nowhere with thousands of like minded individuals. I also worked DJing on the radio at an urban music and oldies stations here in Kentucky. However, I really got my start DJing at wedding receptions where you have to be familiar with oldies from the 1920’s on through to todays music what every and any age group will get up and dance to,  now enough of my reminiscing,

Here is some info about a few of the artists on this weeks chart. Does anybody remember SNL and the Mr. Bill Show? Well one of our artists does “Friends of Clay – Livin Time”. And most disgusting NMV award goes to “Surfbort-Condom with No Cum” I think you can just imagine this one but check it anyway if you like it give them the thumbs up award.

Now since we were reminiscing but you probably never heard of any of these bands now or then a 1960’s sound coming from “Tele Novella – Words that Stay” and if you really like classic rock check out “Orbit Flight – Forks and Events” reminds me of Pink Floyd. Finally on our charts this month another band out of Russia called “Seversun – Gunpowder Suite” all I can say is that is Heavy Metal and the model in the video is outstanding. I think I’m moving to Russia or maybe we will have to Invite Seversun on a tour with a clause that states “Must include the model from your video to be our guest” not too mention the musicians themselves rowrrr.  Please don’t forget to give a Thumbs up or down to our NMV’s it  moves them up or down on our charts. Thank you ttyl

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