#1 Risen From the Shadows – Sugar IT40 Rock NMV’s for Week #47


Week #47 #1 Risen From the Shadows – Sugar from the upcoming Album The Dark Side of Sugar

Week #46 Congratulations to last weeks New #1 IT40 Rock Week #46,#1 ORBIT FLIGHT – Forks and Events Special guest: Rodrigo Fontenelle (from Symphonic Age) MUSIC PERFORMED BY Tiago Nagel: keyboards Rodrigo Fontenelle: lead guitars Alexandre Silveira: bass, rythm guitar, drums MUSIC PRODUCED BY Orbit Flight Mixing and mastering: Alexandre Silveira


IT40 Rock NMV’s for Week #47 once again i am reminded sometimes computers and algorithms just can not do a humans job. I say this because either the youtube filters don’t work very good or their algorithms don’t work. At least I am sure that would be youtubes excuse. Now onto week 47’s chart.

OMG I’m in love…. with this weeks whole chart, no not Billie Eilish and her new nmv “Therefore I am” allthough it is very nice. And no not Gabry Ponte and Timmy Trumpet and their version of the classic alt goth rock song “Mad World” but that could be it. But no I am talking about the 80’s rock gods on this weeks chart that are coming out with solo albums. I’ll tell you what 80’s bands they were in. You tell me who they are and you will win a prize. First off Journey, then it’s Toto and the B52’s who could they possibly be now? Well I’ll tell you, you have to watch listen and learn. BTW you have to do it on your own there is no such thing as teachers or someone to coddle you along and nurture you. No those days are long gone, but maybe not. We will sign you up with the School of Rock Good Luck Thank you Ttyl

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#1 Tujihse Duur – Only Abhi  IT40 Rap Hindi for Week #47 सप्ताह # 47 के लिए IT40 रैप हिंदी