#1 JINJER – Mediator IT40 Rock NMV’s Week #32 Final Count Voting Closed

This Top40 Chart is a “Voting Chart” as are they all but usually only “Open to Vote” for a week. You vote by “clicking” the “Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down” symbols under each video or “NMV” in the chart. After voting and once IT40 updates the chart the new music videos or “NMVs” will move to their new positions based on your vote. “IT40” refreshes each page approx. 4-6 times a day. However, you can refresh the page yourself at any time by clicking on the “Circular arrow” symbol at the top left of every web browser page. You can vote with or without being a member of IT40 and having an account. However, If you have an account with InternetTop40.com, you can track your votes, You track your votes from the dashboard page you receive after creating your account. Additionally, as a “trusted voting member” in good standing, you are eligible to receive points for voting and taking other actions on the website that will, over time, translate into cash and/or goods and services. Please enjoy this week’s IT40 Top40 NMV voting chart. As always, feel free to email [email protected] with anything you have to say. Another fact of business life if you know someone, a group or company that wants to advertise with IT40. Please send us that information. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

New #1 #1 JINJER – Mediator Rock Week 32

IT40 Rock Week #32 Playlist

New #1 Tremonti – If Not For You Rock Week 31

IT40 Rock Week #31 Playlist Final Vote Closed

This Weeks Top 40 show

#1 JINJER – Mediator (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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