IT40 Says, “Let good ideas rule not people”

10 laws to govern today’s world society we can call it an “Autocratic-Democracy” the “Autocrat” is a computer that counts our votes. (no algorithms allowed) the “Democracy” is everyone and anyone with a verified hardline for voting. We could call it the “internet democracy” or whatever we decide….

  1. Set up a worldwide voting booth called the internet. Which we have.
  2. Set up Bio verified hard lines for each voter ie when you vote you must do it with a prick of blood or some other type of a Bio verified hard line. Not a wifi connection at least at this time.
  3. Have the software to verify each and every vote through the Blockchain or some other method.
  4. Anyone with a verified hardline can bring up issues or laws to be voted on and the majority rules
  5. Anyone person can bring up any issue, form any type of coalition and vote anyway they want and the majority always rules. However if any laws affecting this rule are brought to vote that can change as well.
  6. In America, No more American style of representative democracy people in power are too easy to corrupt (this new type of government will let good ideas rule not people.)
  7. Make sure you have and are always securing your network in any way you see fit, and to make sure your vote or votes are always counted.
  8. Each person has the right to give their vote to anyone person with a verified line or obtain their own.
  9. You must be a stable living human being to vote.
  10. If you don’t vote you don’t get paid and you don’t eat.  you do not have to vote on every issue but it pays to vote.

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