#1 NGAZ YB – WALK FREESTYLE IT40 Thailand NMV’s Week #3





#1 Frazer Langford – กุหลาบดำ Week 2

Hello if you are reading this and you speak Thai IT40 needs your help. If you live in any of the Thai speaking countries and are reading this and like and understand what we are saying IT40 needs your Help.

We know some of the NMV’s (new music videos) on this list are older than this week. So we need many Thai speaking individuals who are willing to help us find the new artists and the new music and add them to our charts.

IT40 needs people who have been involved with music for awhile In fact the longer the better but that’s what makes this so good we need young and old perspectives on the music scene. You will know if its a song from last week or last years. If you have access to the internet a device and maybe a translator app like Google Translate. I think we can be in business. We want people who can add music videos to our lists write reviews and critiques among other things. Now we cant pay you any money at this time, but we will in the near future. Right now we can offer you social credit, credit with IT40. I know it’s asking a lot but if you enjoy listening to music reading and writing  this will be fun for you.  It is a fun opportunity. So if you are interested send David Russell an email, send it to [email protected] Now Please enjoy this weeks Chart Thank you

This Weeks Top 40 show

#1 NGAZ YB – WALK FREESTYLE “intro” (Official MV) prod.BIGYASEN

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