IT40 Worldwide MV MV’s for Week #43


Here it is again the IT40 Worldwide MV MVs for Week #43 Voter chart. Another reminder for your consideration. Our IT40 Voter charts Items are listed in rank order starting with the most viewed video in the world according to youtube’s view numbers and verified by IT40 and at the time and date of this publication. The videos are also listed in that order on our youtube channel’s playall playlists (InternetTop40). Our IT40 Worldwide MV MV’s Chart allows you to Vote on each MV one time, Thumbs up or Thumbs down. you can go through and click on a Thumbs up or Down below each video. The most important thing for you to remember is to hit the refresh button on your browser when you finish voting, that will assure your votes get counted. Then a few times a day the IT40 main cache gets cleared and all the votes are counted and the MV’s or music videos will move up or down according to how many votes they have received. Generally this voting will go on for a week for each list.

Now a couple more things for your consideration, when you look at our lists they are listed initially in order of most viewed, but you know what we say about pageviews….anyone with money can buy extra pageviews and they will be counted on youtube and IT40. However another thing to keep in mind is that in a particular language or country they may have 2, 3 or 4 times the population of another language or country and that can also skew the results. But don’t let that bother you, because that’s where comes in. We are the Vote on anything stand up and be counted website. You get 1 vote on any MV or issue and at this time you can actually Thumbs up or Thumbs Down any MV on our website. You can affect the rankings of the videos by your strategic voting. We will not go into the strategies you can employ to best achieve the results you want at this time but there are many.

The #1 strategy you might employ would be to simply get the most votes and that’s easy. So tell all your friends fans and followers about the place to make it to #1. Because in the very near future aka IT40 will be partnering with other promotion and  production companies as well as other social media outlets to offer prizes and cash for our winners. Right now a strategy I sometimes like to employ is scroll through to #40 and start there and Give them the finger your Thumbs up or Thumbs Down you make the call. And whatever you do don’t forget to hit the refresh on your browser once your done voting or re-ranking the list. Okay that’s it for week #43 don’t forget to comment and vote no logins or signups necessary “Just do IT40!” and oh yeah Avi Russell is waiting to read your emails send them to him at [email protected] Thank you ttyl

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