It’s Us or Them! I’m talking about the So-Called Rich!

It’s stories like the Wildensteins or the Maddoff’s or the Trump’s that really make me wonder, what is going on here. For example a cartoon by Andy warhol worth $200 million?? Pieces of paper like stocks and bonds or Computer codes worth Billions?? I am of course talking about legalized computer gambling which is what the stock market and Computer codes are, like the Microsoft 10 operating system, which is essentially nothing, worth Billions. How long are we as citizens going to let this go on? They say that even if we redistributed what we say is the wealth (MONEY) out completely evenly, lets say we gave everyone a million dollars that within a few years it would be back to the same way it is now just a small percentage of the people having all the wealth and most people being poor. I mean do you beleive that? Who comes up with this stuff. Its easy to make things look a certain way when the people you are dealing with dont know or have the complete or whole story.

Computers are helping even the playing field a bit, you just have to take the opportunities when they come. Computers will only do what they are programmed to do. So dont be worried or scared learn everything you can about them, it will only help you in the long run.

The whole point of what I am trying to say is that we make ‘things’ what they are. Money is only worth what we say it is. Master Artwork is only worth millions because we say they are and will pay MONEY for them. Stocks and bonds are only worth what we say they are and because we allow it! This may be nothing new to most of you but we can change it we can do what we want and computers can make that possible dont let them fool you again!

Adapt to this new world learn to make money online Get Paid to vote or take a survey. Sell your services or products online start your own Cryptocurrency! There I said it start your own MONEY before the government outlaws it because thats all we are running on anyway set up your own trading network do whatever it takes legally to make money in this new internet age! If you have any questions just email me, or make your own List ask your friends to vote on it Share it on facebook and twitter. Im Top40 at [email protected] Thank you!

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