IVAMP Initiative, How to unite the world and all of society and change all of our behaviors

Uniting the world changing all of each members behaviors for the better. First of all is this a good idea and who decides what’s good or better? IMHO (in my humble opinion) that is the main issue and most important behavior we need to change. Now first of all what behavior. The behavior of how we see ourselves and exactly how do we go about determining or deciding what is better behavior. It is the determining or finding what each member thinks is better behavior and exactly how we go about doing this. All I can say that is easier said than done but we are going to try. We are doing this through our Federal Lawsuit against Alphabet Inc. and the IVAMP initiative. BTW the Federal Lawsuit Case number is 4:20-CV-04877-SBA Please feel free to look it up. More to come this is my attempt at a diary, blog vlog and perhaps a Rap-era that is supposed to be a Rap opera or oratorio or whatever they are calling it these days….

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