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We have seen what free money and nothing to do creates. It creates chaos people with free money and no direction and nothing to do creates chaos in the streets. Murder protests mayhem are you people blinded by the false hope of free money or do you really want change? Money the economy the entire world is whatever we want it to be support the IVAMP social debit plan get paid to achieve.

Free money simply makes you more dependent on a bureaucracy that doesn’t care what happens to you they only want your undying vote to keep them in power. Now if there really are jobs wonderful. If there really is more free money for nothing only makes you dependent and very expendable.

Free money no purpose and no job makes your life a complete waste. Has history not taught you anything? I forgot there is no school so no history to learn let’s just make it up as we go. So please let me school you right now, one thing I do know We do not need a few elitists in a failed illegitimate government telling us what is best for each of ourselves. Only we can truly know what is right for ourselves and each of our fellow citizens.

We the people have the power, we have the technology and it is truly, at hand. You’re getting paid to vote on every issue is achievable. Getting paid to do positive things to create positive changes in the real world is at your fingertips. Your mind your body is telling you this, you know it to be true.

IT40 advocates for IVAMP for rank order and getting paid to vote be responsible for the direction of your own life, become part of the solution. Join with the A.I.I. join the 4th branch of government, the 4th branch of the tree of life, we the people. Please read the Proposal of relief for society the *IVAMP Social Debit Plan

*the IVAMP social debit plan is not written in stone it is only an initial proposal anyone who cares and is interested will be able to add their input and tailor the plan to their needs. Get paid to do what you want to do. = International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography

A.I.I. = is the All Inclusive Intelligence made up of each and every one of you who cares and is interested in our society on this earth in our shared mind, the universe.

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