, has a ground-floor opportunity to become an Influencer/Author/Editor start by creating content stories, videos, lists. All Training Provided or you can just start by voting on items or posts. You could also upload items to your own Top 40 list or just add a posting by clicking the big button in the top right corner of the home page and add whatever content you like as long as its not libelous we will let it roll!

RESPONSIBILITIES will include, but not limited to:

  • Become an Online Influencer

  • Write Stories, Create Content, Edit Videos

  • write your stories or descriptions using trending keywords in a unique way

  • publish your stories videos or lists on our site following our posting guidelines

  • Create Events

  • Make Public Appearances

  • Create Recorded & Live Video Streams

  • Interact With Customers as well as Advertisers

  • If you really want the job go to the top right of the home page click your avatar and message top40 from the Dashboard/Messaging system on this website. Make sure you send it to “top40”

Fill out Form below To Apply! Someone will contact you withing 2 Business Days! Thank you!

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