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We used to think about all those Ancient societies and why they didnt have that many written records! Egypt and the Myceneans just a few thousand stone tablets and some heiroglyphs in the tombs. Incans and Mayans basically the same thing not many records, why? I’ll tell you why because they stored everything in the cloud on one big computer. Those computers they used and the “Cloud” disintegrated. The computers stopped working and the media degraded and dissolved. Any actual computers rusted and disintegrated away to nothing or big blobs of goo! Just like what is happening with our society today. DVD’s and thumbdrives dont last more than 20 years, the computers themselves dont work unless they have power and once that is gone it may take a couple hundred years at most for those to disintegrate into those blobs of goo we talked about. Thats why we dont have many records of those ancient societies the media all dissolved and are simply gone. Which is exactly what is happening to us today. Not to mention the demise of western civilzation declining birthrates and the like but dont get me started on that. Just do me a favor go to sign up for an account then click the “Upload List” button and create your very own Top40 list or at least go to the Chrome Web Store and Download our Browser Extension by searching “” Click on the link and add the extension to your Chrome Browser You will be glad you did. The extension will help you keep track of things you do online automatically. Like count the youtube videos you watch or how many emails you send basic things like that. So go ahead Do IT! Thank you! ttyl

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