Louisville Mayor Caves to Terrorists Demands!

Your tax-errorist Dollars at work!

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Just like every worthless sell out politician in the country our own local government has sunk to new lows. Bowing to terroristic demands. Isis terror tactics include but are not limited to removing any pricelss ancient statues they deem inappropriate by blowing them up, bulldozing or simply hammering them away until they are dust. In this case they actually talked the government into it doing it for them, (our tax dollars at work) Louisville mayor Greg Fisher has become an Isis sponsored Terrorist and has agreed to remove the General Castelman Statue in the Cherokee Triangle neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. IMHO and many others this is a spineless and cowardly act. Terrorists in the city vandalized the General Castleman statue but instead of protecting it and arresting the Vandal/Terrorists Greg Fisher caved to their demands with no room for compromise and barely a thought. This is a pathetic and cowardly if not pandering/business as usual act of a hapless politician. The obvious compromise would have been to take the name off the statue and melt the features off the face or whatever other method deemed easiest. But oh no the terrorists win out and Greg Fishy mayor of Louisville gets his appendages massaged/statue removed.

The story you have just read is completely true and happening right now in the City of Louisville, Kentucky home and friend of the cowardly drunk & the terrorists. This goes to show you if you want to get rid of something simply go out and commit an act of terror and Louisville kentucky will welcome you with open arms and do whatever you want.


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