Media and the Government Have you Fooled. Protests with no Goals….???

What are these protests trying to accomplish? White people think its about Black Lives Matter….yes of course they do, didn’t they before? Black people think yeah that’s right “Black Lives Matter”. But what in the hell are these protesters trying to accomplish? Its a great publicity stunt that’s for sure. But what it has accomplished is Everyone thinks they are nothing but trouble makers looters and thieves.  Sad but true yes that’s what we have in the United States and other parts of the world today. Protests with no goals and no real meaning. 

Its great they are getting the word out, but they are not achieving anything real. The media and the government have you all fooled Big time. The media portrays itself as being on the side of the people but all they really care about is how many people are watching. The left or democrats would have you believe its the right or the republicans that are bad. This is an age old tactic of misdirection and the people actually causing all the problems are the ones proffering the worst case scenarios for themselves.

In other words what I am saying is the whole thing is scripted. The right and the left are definitely working together. They have us the people running in circles blaming the right or the left Trump or Pelosi, Its a joke and it’s on us, “We the people”. The real problem is politicians and the government. They are the ones we should be throwing out and protesting about. Now they have us believing it’s the cops that are the cause of the problem. Well the cops are scapegoats. 

The fact is with todays technology there are 2 things we do not need. 1. representative government and 2. police. Let me explain why we don’t need either of them. 

We don’t need the police, because they don’t help anything they are often one of the main sources of corruption and crime in any city. They never get their before the crimes happen, they cant. The “Police” can only clean up after the crime, we should call the police “The clean up crew.” With todays technology The video will solve the crime and tell the truth. If you are a law abiding gun owning citizen you really shouldn’t worry to much about crime you can’t predict because the police cant either you have to call them. A law abiding gun owner IMHO is the best deterrent to crime protect yourself and always be wary when out in public. Don’t worry about the police they wont come anyway until something happens. Things that are spontaneous and unplanned rarely get solved even if there was a camera. So cops can stay home and come when called.

We definitely don’t need politicians, elected officials or our current form of Government. We have a small number of old rich men and women telling us what to do getting paid benefits and unearned sums of money to work a few months a year. Basically they do nothing and most of them rarely go out in public without armed guards, that in itself should tell you something. This is sad and pathetic and this is what we should be protesting about. Todays standard of living has given the average citizen so much more free time to devote to civic duty and governing the way it should be. Not too mention the technology allows everyone with a cheap cell phone to be heard worldwide. 

One thing trump was wrong about and that was how long it would take to drain the swamp. He thought it would be easy but not so give him four more years to drain it and fire every single elected official left in office including himself. Then let us “We the People” take over in a more citizen based form of government. Not representative, if you have a plan we will hear it vote on it and give you a job and money to achieve your plan or something like that. 

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