Mel Gibson’s Revenge On Girlfriend Who Released Racist Rants


Mel Gibson had his career ruined after his angry ex-lover Oksana Grigorieva exposed his racist rantings during their breakup — but now she’s talked her way out of a big cash settlement. The acclaimed movie star just won a court case that says Okasana went too public with an appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show. Now she’s no longer owed the remaining $500,000 of a $750,000 settlement! Mel and Oksana reached an agreement in 2011 that he would pay her $750,000 — after she passed on an original $15 million offer in 2010. At the time, Oksana seemingly believed that she could get even more money with her claims that Mel had beaten her during their relationship. Instead, she settled for the smaller amount, and then agreed to never discuss her allegations about Mel in public! But now the California Court of Appeals has ruled that Oksana’s appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” violated the agreement. Mel had already paid her $250,000, but is now off the hook for the remaining $500,000. It’s sweet revenge for Mel — although Oksana still trashed his career by releasing audiotapes of his racist rants! One of Oksana’s explosive audio releases including Mel screaming at her over the phone because he didn’t approve of how she dressed in public. “You’re an embarrassment to me!” Mel shouted. “You look like a f**king pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers, it will be your fault!” The tapes included a shocking moment when Oksana bitterly accuses Mel of Lucia — their infant daughter born in 2009. “You hit me and you hit her while she was in my hands,” Oksana said in her accented English. She was later heard saying: “You almost killed us! Did you forget?” Shockingly, the Oscar-winning star was heard yelling back: “Oh, you’re all angry now! You know what, you f**king deserved it!” The National ENQUIRER also exposed how Oksana was motivated to ruin Mel after he cheated on her with with an X-rated film figure! He had carried on a torrid three-month affair with busty blonde Polish producer Violet Kowal. “When Oksana learned Mel cheated on her with Violet while she was pregnant, she went berserk!” a close family friend told The ENQUIRER. “She demanded that he marry her. Mel refused, and she flew into a rage!” The tapes from 2010 also showed Mel ranting about how Oksana had already cost him millions: “I got rid of the [Los Angeles Lakers] box and now nobody gets tickets because of you. I had to sell the motherf**ker because of you. I don’t have any f**king money! I have to support you and everybody else. I have to sell paintings!” But at least Mel has an extra $500,000 from Oksana seeking the spotlight!

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