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Watch fiery collapse of Notre Dame Cathedral spire

As fire ripped through Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15, the central spire of the 800-year-old monument toppled. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Follow us: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Notre Dame Cathedral

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Notre Dame Cathedral  sad but true old things die! Its burning to the ground another sign of the times.  something that definitely needs replacing basically all religions specifically christianity, judaism, muslimism they are all broken and corrupted, So Lets hope they had insurance, My personal thoughts are some things are meant to be replaced every hundred years or so. 


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Mnuchin: Weaponizing the IRS is dangerous

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on taxes, the economy, trade talks, Venezuela and the debate around President Trump’s tax returns. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street.



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IRS things will change when it starts affecting everyones pocket book… maybe. We have it so good here in the United States that is about the only thing that might get a rise out of our citizens. Needless to say we are at the beginning of the end if things don’t start to seriously change and fast. But since no one lives that long “Who Cares” Right? On the other hand I do beleive the earth goes through natural cycles we have no real control over our best get is to get into space and have renewable mobile life centers, in other words giant spaceships.



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BBC Focus on Africa – Calls to protect the revolution in Sudan

With @Sikenye

BBC news


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BBC news  with a focus on Africa it’s funny that Central & South America are the most dangerous places in the world. Africa is moving up in our world as far as murders go. But the Americas are still #1 when it comes to murder and violent crime, Beleive it and you Democrats think we should just let everybody and anybody in. I wish we could we can barely afford the legal immigrants. It was actually hilarious the other day when trump said lets give the so called “sanctuary cities” all the “illegal immigrants” streaming across the border to them. They got so mad until they remembered they were on camera. American politicians are the most corrupt and hypocritical scum on earth that is something else you can beleive and take to the bank.




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How do I make sure I’m in the right TurboTax Account? – TurboTax Support Video How do I make sure I’m in the right TurboTax Account? Your TurboTax user ID is like the name of your account that’s linked to your email address. You can have numerous accounts with different user IDs, all with the same email.


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TurboTax If you make money you should do your taxes, thats how I do my taxes and all my friends but the Free part is a lie you have to pay them if you want to E-file or you will have to mail it in thats FREE FREE Free



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NHL Highlights | Islanders vs Penguins, Game 3 – Apr 14, 2019

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Pittsburgh Penguins

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Pittsburgh Penguins not them again well enjoy the game 3 highlights above and game 4 is whenever.



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College Student Dies While Trying to Take Bell Tower Selfie

A Fordham University student fell to her death after climbing the campus’ famed bell tower over the weekend, just two weeks before she was set to graduate. Sydney Monfries, 22, was trying to take a picture of the New York City skyline around 3 a.m.

Sydney Monfries

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Sydney Monfries omg she was a hottie, and we are sorry she is dead but #6 in the most searched for list? She definitely had a lot of friends. I really wonder sometimes if a lot of these searches are automated and in fact I know they are and that’s how google can get away with controlling the media. Some of it is true but being #6 for someone who was trespassing and fell to her death. I mean that happens all the time doesn’t it?? But seriously thats what we base this entire list on everyday and if you didnt know thats what almost all of the media outlets base all their news on the Google trends. Again its all true but how important is it and how distorted does it make your views of the world. Maybe its good??? Again Sorry about Ms. Monfries she will be missed.



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NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2019: Lightning vs. Blue Jackets | Game 3 Highlights | NBC Sports

The Blue Jackets take a step closer to a Round 1 sweep after defeating the Lightning 3-1, behind 30 saves from Sergei Bobrovsky. #NBCSports #NHL #StanleyCupPlayoffs #BlueJackets #Lightning ” Subscribe to NBC Sports: ” Watch Live Sports on ” Get more NHL news on NBC Sports: NBC Sports Group serves sports fans 24/7 with premier live events, insightful studio shows, and compelling original programming.

Columbus Blue Jackets

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Columbus Blue Jackets more hockey?? well these are the playoffs so there are 4 teams playing against each other and the Columbus Blue jackets are playing the Tampa Bay team and if I have to tell you anymore I will have to look it up. So if this isn’t enough info for you your not a fan and you will have to keep looking but please find game 4 highlights above and 4 pics or more if you want them below.



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