Mother Nature says “Too Many Human Viruses”

Yes it’s true there are too many humans on the earth and we are the virus. It is also true even with the Covid-19 pandemic if you can call it that, it is not really killing that many humans. The average death rate in the U.S. is 8000 a day. Not to mention the people that are dying were going to die anyway. Let’s face it we are all going to die some day. So get over it statistics are just made up numbers.

Now the fact that that covid-19 appeared in one of the most congested and dirty cities in the world should tell you something. When a virus gets to profuse in us humans or in any living organism it starts killing it’s host the virus itself will eventually start to die. So lets look at this from the point of view that the earth itself is a living organism and we the human virus are killing it. So the earth mother nature is fighting off its virus, us the humans by killing us the humans, it’s a natural reaction of a living organism being attacked, it fights back any way it can. Now this example may be a bit exaggerated but it is all true.

Now the fact that certain politicians and so called scientists and the media let’s call them “the yang”  are pushing this wear the mask or pay a fine foolishness is good for everyone is another silly diversion and power grab. They say this is not an erosion of your rights which is a blatant lie. The yang are also espousing more lies and innuendo’s like that if you don’t wear a mask your killing someone. This is obviously a sick perversion and disgusting erosion of our rights and abuse of power. These people, the yang whoever they may be are coming for you. They don’t give a damn about reality they think they can create it.

Back to the point about mother nature killing off the virus that is the human being infesting it. Yes that is an exaggerated point of view but totally true. However humans can also be like an antibiotic to the earth we just have to start controlling ourselves. For example the only good thing I can think of coming from the coronavirus if you get too close to someone who has it you could get it and die and one more thing if you have sex with someone who has it you will die for sure. Just kidding that’s just my little exaggeration of the truth or is it?

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Written by top40

If anyone is interested I am Top40 online. In the real world my name is David Russell Ellenberger. I am a SWM 57 and live in Louisville, Ky. I started about 4 years ago. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted the website to be about but I liked the idea of people voting on items in ranked lists. The voting on these ranked lists will move the items up or down in the rankings you vote by clicking the + or - buttons below or next to the item in a list, refresh the page and the item will then appear in it's new ranking. IMHO voting really is one of the most important things you can do. Your vote is literally worth millions of dollars and that's one thing the politicians want you to do but don't want you to think about in that way. In other words vote for me I'm the best and I'm for this I'm for that I am for all the things that you want and that's why should vote for me. In reality what its about is control over you and money. So next time you vote you should demand to get paid. But I digress that's voting on items is just one of the reasons I started I also wanted to get my point out to the people and hopefully other people will want to use my website to get their point out or at least create their own lists. I had hoped for this to be another social media website. That hasn't really happened and I have been online for almost 5 years now. More about that later.


Everyone thinks just put your website up and they will come but that's not really the case. Part of the problem is search engines like Google have almost complete control of the web and all the traffic on it and they want you to pay. They also don't like other social media sites or search engine type sites they are what's known in the business as viral sites or sites that mostly contain links and not much original content which is exactly what Google is. But I maintain that links are part of the branding and the way you show your links to the world is an original aspect of any website and part of the branding and is orginal content in and of itself. But Google doesn't think so, Because that's what they are and they of course want complete control and they have it and no one seems to care. I didn't care until I started this website. But again I digress.


Back to the point. Why I started this website. Well another reason was to make money you can sell things or you can put advertising on your website. You can go out and sell advertising yourself or simply sign up for advertising services that have already sold the advertising and put the ads on your website for you. Services like this from Google and it's advertising service called adsense. If you read up on the internet how to make money with a website You will eventually find Adsense and various websites will tell you you can make tens of thousands with website adverting its so easy. And that may be true just from a numbers point of view but then reality sets in. More coming in a few days. Thanks for reading....


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