No need for Taxation in the New Paradigm

The whole idea of taxation is predatory and unnecessary and could be considered theft. We simply need to take what we have and put it into a more reasonable format. Not too mention that part of the reason the reason we originally formed this country was to get away from taxes but it has become corrupted. And there is actually a more perfect easier way we could do all of this. We could have 2 economies one for humans one for business or we could say for humans only. For example, abolish money and set up a completely cashless society work is based on what you do online and in the real world based on points that can be verified and harder to corrupt. Further things you need can be obtained with a very low number of points other things you may have to work more to get or accrue more points.

Now back to the idea of taxation is predatory it is a fact imposing something or demanding payment under some type of penalty is totally predatory and detrimental to our citizens wellbeing. If Biden wants to change the paradigm, he should abolish the federal government abolish cash and obviously abolish taxes. Give every human citizen in good standing a device using the blockchain security and let them vote on all the issues. That way we could pay the citizens or oh excuse me we abolished cash money so we give them points and let them use points to obtain the things they need. Corporations and big business could offer so many points to each citizen for voting for things they wanted. You could say its all in the semantics’ its all the re-coding of society using basic language we already have this, it is the same thing the government does only less people get paid and there is more room for corruption and it basically breaks down the way it is happening this very minute.

A true democracy let’s all citizens in good standing vote on all the issues. Each citizen basically must stand behind their vote on every issue. Now we couldn’t really do this before because of not having the ability or lack of technology. Now we have the technology to actually be able to count every single citizens vote. The fact the current government can’t really verify any vote they received means they are illegitimate not fraudulent.

Further the fact that money and the economy is based on work humans do and agreements we all actually agreed to means we have every right to completely change it. The current money structure including the federal reserve etc. was all appointed by any illegitimate government, which means they are likewise illegitimate or even more so. So again I say we put this organization together we could call it, We sign up as many voting members as we possibly can and make some new economic and monetary agreements that at least 51% agree to. Of course in our government that could change at any time given the majority vote count and how we conduct business. Now most of this is already in place and it will take some time to work out all the details which we are doing at this very minute. But it will be done and we will include every single human who is interested and cares.

Because the fact is we the people are the government the economy and whatever we say or want is all that matters. I Enlil Enkiberg as a citizen demand to heard on this matter and I am doing all I can but I do need your support.

Please tell your best friend your girlfriend boyfriend husband or wife or everyone you know there is a new way of doing things and we demand to be heard about these issues of replacing this Illegitimate government and we really want to level the playing field and anyone who cares or is interested will be paid to vote and follow our social rules. Please sign up and support Thank you

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