Our entire Government, Republicans and Democrats are all so corrupted we need to Impeach every single last Federal Elected Official. Basically we should be able to just fire them. Let’s think about this for a minute. We shut down the government for months and nothing happens. Now I’m not saying we should get rid of all the government agencies and employees because, we can fire them if they don’t do their job. Elected officials are another problem. What we need are elected employees. We need to run the entire Government more like a business by that I mean Get rid of elected officials and hire employees to run the branches of government like the Armed forces and FDA etc. which we basically already do right now. One alternative government idea is to simply make state governments more accountable have more elected state officials like 1 representative for every 10,000 voting citizens, and/or make voting a requirement and every citizen has to do it every week. The citizens vote on all national issues and we have state governments working on bringing those issues to a national vote. We have the technology and the majority always rules. We of course have to build in safeguards but those are available. Most importantly there is no more privacy outside of your home especially for those choosing to become an elected official Everyone Knows everything they want to about you especially if you are in State Government that is a new requirement for being in an elected office every single second of every single day is recorded if your recorder stops recording and you don’t get it fixed immediately you are fired or go to jail immediately. That’s my own humble opinion what is yours

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