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No Top40 list today because the media really is your enemy when they spout lies and slant the news any way they want to. But that is not the problem today when there are murders every day in every city and that wont stop anytime soon. But when leading politicians start spouting about racism and that this person or that person is the cause well, Im sorry to tell you but that is the cause. The ones yelling racist the loudest are the ones fomenting racism. All those politicians living on taxpayers money they don’t care what happens the taxpayers also pay for their security. People we have to get rid of these sick politicians and no I’m not talking about Trump, I am talking about all the politicians running for this office or that office, they will stoop to anything and say anything. It really is sickening. People we have got to get rid of these greedy lying politicians. I am a democrat but I have to admit it is the democrats that are really fomenting this problem.

We have to scrap this political system and start a new one. This representative government is for ancient times we have the technology we can all be involved we do not need a few people telling us what to do especially when they are fomenting all the trouble it is politics and politicians all of them have to go, this is no way to behave in a day and age when we have instantaneous worldwide communication. We really can keep track of all of these things we have the technology. We need a Democratic Government where everyone has a vote on everything we don’t need a few people controlling all the money and lining their pockets with our tax dollars. We the People Need US to stick together and boot these politicians out all of them.




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